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Bobby T's has some of the best burgers, wings, soups and salads in town! 
Check out the Bobby T's Specialties in RED!



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APPETIZERS - eat these first

MINI TACOS                                                   $7.99
 A plateful of miniature, chicken filled tacos undera
 blanket of cheese, shredded romaine
 and diced tomato.

SOFT PRETZEL STICKS                               $6.99
 Four Hot and Soft pretzel sticks, buttered and 
 salted. Served with spicy mustard and Italian
 crème cheese.

MOZZARELLA STICKS                                 $7.99
 Beer battered and chewy sticks served with
 marinara sauce.

 Half pound of crispy ‘pop’corn shrimp covered in
 sweet chili sauce, diced green onion and served
 with ranch dipping sauce.

CHICKEN QUESADILLAS                             $7.99
 White flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, white
 diced onion, diced tomatoes, shredded cheddar
 and Monterey Jack cheese. Served with salsa.

FRIED PICKLES                                             $5.99
 Eight crunchy breaded pickle spears deep fried
 and served with ranch dressing.

MINI CORNDOGS                                          $6.99
 A bakers dozen of miniature cornbread battered 
 franks served with ketchup and French fries.

 Half pound of tender portabella mushroom slices
 coated in a savory, crunchy breading.
 Served w/ranch.

CHICKEN TENDER STRIPS                         $6.99
 Plump & juicy breaded chicken breasts served  
 with fries and honey-mustard dressing,

 ranch or BBQ.
 Add a Wing Sauce for Dipping  for only $.79. 

APPETIZER COMBO PLATTER                 $8.99 
An assortment of Portabella Mushroom Fries,
  Breaded Mozzarella  Sticks, Breaded Onion
  Rings & Mini Corn Dogs served with marinara
  sauce and ranch. What you’ve been asking for!

FINS -n- FRIES                                              $8.49
 Three pieces of beer battered white fish filets
 served over crispy fries. Served with
 tartar sauce.

 Thick cut, breaded onion rings served
 hot & crispy.

TRUFFLE FRIES                                            $5.99

 Our ‘FAMOUS’ skin-on fries lightly coated in
 truffle oil and topped with parsley.

BASKET O’ FRIES or TOTS                        $4.99
 Served with RoTel queso or white peppered gravy.

SWEET POTATO FRIES                              $5.99
 Coated in brown sugar and served with
 chipotle mayo.

TEXAS ’QUESO ’ CHEESE FRIES               $6.99
 A full basket of spuds topped with RoTel queso
 cheese, jalapenos and served with ranch.

LOADED CHILI NACHOS                             $7.99
 A mound of tortilla chips covered in RoTel queso,
 diced tomato, diced onion, homemade chili,
 jalapenos, sour cream. THEY'RE LOADED!

CHIPOTLE CHICKEN NACHOS                   $8.99

 A large spread of tortilla chips, topped with melted
 Monterey jack, shredded cheddar, pico de gallo,
 jalapenos, chipotle seasoned chicken,
 and sour crème.


Bone-In Chicken Wings     $8.99
12 meaty chicken wings dipped in 1
 of our  own eight homemade sauces.
 Served with Celery and Blue Cheese 
 or Ranch Dressing!


Boneless Wings                 $7.99
 Boneless all white chicken pieces.
 Dipped in one of our eight homemade
 sauces. Served with Celery and Blue
 Chesse or Ranch Dressing!


Eight Wing Flavors
FRANK’S HOT                          LEMON PEPPER      
franks hot sauce, butter           lemon pepper,
                                                     garlic powder, butter
 franks hot sauce,                   SWEET CHILI LIME
 brown sugar, cayenne             frank’s sweet chili,
                                                     roses lime
 garlic salt, butter,                   HONEY BBQ SWEET                 
  Parmesan cheese                  curleys bbq, honey 
TERIYAKI w/ Sesame            CARIBBEAN JERK
kikkoman soy,  brown              pineapple, soy sauce,
 sugar, sesame seed,              ginger, sweet spices


BARE BURGER                                             $7.59
 7oz of our  famous sizzling burger, leaf  lettuce,
 sliced tomato,red onion and pickle chips on a
 Kaiser bun!

CLASSIC CHEESE BURGER                       $7.99
 A 7 oz sizzling burger, American cheese, leaf 
 lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion and pickle 
 chips served on a Kaiser Roll!

CHEDDAR BACON BURGER                      $8.99
 Cheddar cheese, two strips of applewood 
 smoked bacon, leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, 
 red onion and pickle chips create an
 unforgettable taste.

BACON SWISS BURGER                            $8.99
 Swiss cheese, two strips of  applewood smoked
 bacon, leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion and
 pickle chips.

SWISSROOM BURGER                               $7.99
 Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, leaf lettuce,
 sliced tomato, red onion and pickle chips on our
 Kaiser roll.

HICKO BURGER                                           $8.59
 A TASTE TO REMEMBER!  7 oz of sizzling burger,
 with Swiss cheese, sautéed onions, hickory
 barbeque sauce, leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, 
 red onion and pickle chips.

BLACK -n- BLUE BURGER                         $9.99
 An 8oz Certified Angus Beef patty,  blue cheese
 crumbles, apple wood smoked bacon, leaf lettuce,
 sliced tomato and crispy red onion. 

CALIFORNIA BACON BURGER                  $8.99
 A 7oz burger topped with Swiss cheese,
 guacamole, applewood smoked bacon, leaf
 lettuce, red onion and tomato.


TURKEY CLUB                                              $7.99
  Smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, applewood
  smoked  bacon melted and grilled Panini style
  on focaccia bread.

CHICKEN & SPINACH                                  $8.59
  Diced chicken breast, Swiss cheese,
  spinach & artichoke spread melted on
  focaccia bread.

CHICKEN PHILLY                                          $7.99
  Roasted Peppers & Onions, provolone cheese
  and diced  grilled chicken melted on our Panini 
  grill with focaccia bread.


JUMPIN JACK BURGER                          $8.99
 Swiss cheese, sautéed fajita peppers & onions, 
 leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion and pickle
 chips with 7oz  of our sizzling burger.
 Served on a  Kaiser Roll!

A1 BACKYARD BURGER                         $7.99
 A NEW HIT!  Our famous burger topped with
 A1 brand steak sauce, crispy onion strings,
 American cheese, leaf lettuce,  red onion
 and sliced tomato and pickles.

DANNY’S PICO BURGER                         $8.59
 Pepper Jack cheese, pico de gallo, crispy tortilla
 strips on top of our sizzling burger, leaf lettuce,
 red onion and pickle chips. 

OPEN FACED CHILI BURGER                 $7.99
 Piping hot burger topped with our homemade
 chili ,shredded cheddar cheese, diced
 tomatos and jalapenos.

WRANGLER BURGER                              $8.99
 A 7 oz Burger topped with crispy onions,
 applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, leaf
 lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion and pickle chips.
 BBQ sauce & ranch dressing.

BIG BLUE BURGER                                  $8.99     
 Our sizzling burger topped with sautéed onions,
 applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese dressing,
 a slice of ham and provolone cheese. Served
 with shredded romaine, sliced tomato, red onion
 and pickle chips.  

EL WHOPPO BURGER                          $7.99
7 oz of sizzling burger, pepper jack cheese,
 jalapenos, sautéed onions & mushrooms, and
 our queso sauce. Served with shredded
 romaine, sliced tomato, red onion and
 pickle chips.


All of our charbroiled steaks and entrees are served with tossed salad, vegetable, choice of potato and toast!
Add 3 Fantail Gulf Shrimp for only $2.99

12oz  CLASSIC RIB EYE                          $19.99
  A superb cut cooked to order! Served with
  vegetable, choice of potato, bread stick and a
  salad. Our house best comes with a FREE
  piece of cheese cake!

16oz KANSAS CITY STRIP                      $15.99
 A tender, mouth watering strip steak flame 
 roasted to perfection. Served with vegetable, 
 choice of potato, dinner salad and a breadstick. 
 Our #1 Seller!

8 oz TOP SIRLOIN                                    $10.29
 An amazingly tender hand-cut top sirloin sized 
 just right for those medium appetites. Served
 with vegetable, potato, salad and breadstick.  

14 oz CHOPPED SIRLOIN                       $10.99
 A great hamburger steak covered with sautéed
 onions and mushrooms. Served with vegetable, 
 choice of potato, dinner salad and a breadstick.

10 oz KANSAS CITY STRIP                    $12.99
 Flame roasted and juicy, our popular strip will
 tantalize your taste buds every time!


STEAK SKEWERS                                       $8.99

 Skewered top sirloin, cherry tomatoes, green
 peppers. Served with chipotle dipping sauce.

CAJUN SHRIMP SKEWERS                       $9.99
 Eight grilled shrimp, topped with Cajun seasoning,
 garlic salt and lime juice. Served with pineapple
 chunks and Cajun Butter.

 Two charbroiled chicken breasts glazed in your
 choice of our famous wing sauces served over
 white rice,with vegetable, salad, and a garlic

CAJUN GRILLED SHRIMP                      $13.99
 Half pound of Cajun grilled shrimp skewers
 served with Cajun butter, white rice, vegetables,
 salad and garlic breadstick.

SALMON FILET DINNER                         $12.99
 A 7oz Salmon Filet lightly coated with lemon
 pepper, garlic salt and lemon juice. Served
 over rice with vegetables, breadstick
 and a salad.

 Two charbroiled chicken breasts with hints of
 lime, lemon pepper seasoning, Monterey jack
 cheese, pico de gallo, crispy tortilla strips over
 white rice

MONTEREY CHICKEN DINNER              $11.99
 Two charbroiled chicken breasts topped with
 swiss cheese, applewood smoked bacon,
 mushrooms and shredded cheddar.
 Served over white rice.

  A plate full of breaded, juicy chicken breast
  strips with honey chipotle sauce. Served with
  vegetable choice of potato, dinner salad and

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK                          $10.99
  It's simply great! Smothered in country gravy,
  it’s always a house favorite.


Add a Dinner Salad to any sandwich for only $2.00

GRILLED STEAK SANDWICH                    $8.99
 A 6oz KC Strip hand trimmed, grilled with
 mushrooms, provolone cheese and served on
 a warm, buttered hoagie.

PRETZEL CLUB HOUSE                             $8.59
 Deli ham, smoked turkey, applewood smoked
 bacon, American and swiss cheese piled high on
 a large, soft pretzel bread!  Served with lettuce
 and tomato and pickle chips. Kettle baked chips.

BOURBON STREET PORK                         $7.59
 Savory, hickory smoked pulled pork smothered in
 our Bourbon Street wing sauce with melted 
 swiss cheese.  Served on a Kaiser bun.

CHICKEN FRIED STEAK Sandwich           $8.99
 Our famous chicken fried steak covered in white
 gravy, Swiss cheese on grilled rye.
 Kettle baked chips.

CRISPY CHICKEN BLT                                 $7.99
 A crispy 7oz breaded chicken breast, topped
 with applewood bacon, swiss cheese, leaf lettuce,
 tomato, pickle chips and ranch dressing.
 Served on a Kaiser bun.

PARMESAN CHICKEN                                 $7.99
 Our crispy chicken breast, topped with parmesan
 cheese, warm marinara sauce, leaf lettuce,
 tomato served on a Kaiser bun. Served with
 kettle baked chips.

THAI CHICKEN SANDWICH                        $7.99
 Sweet chili  sauce, pico de gallo, leaf lettuce,
 mild salsa on top of our crispy chicken breast
 served on a Kaiser bun.

BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH               $7.99
 A crispy chicken breast topped with Frank’s hot
 sauce, blue cheese crumbles, a hint of blue
 cheese dressing, leaf lettuce, and tomato served
 on a Kaiser bun.
Served with kettle baked chips.

BLACK ANGUS PATTY MELT                     $8.99
 An 8oz Sizzling BLACK ANGUS patty on grilled
 rye bread with crispy onions, mushrooms,
 melted swiss cheese and 1000 Island Dressing.


SOUP OF THE DAY                                      $4.99
 Ask your server for our soup of the day.
 A 15oz  bowl served with a breadstick.

BOWL OF CHILI                                          $4.99
 A 15oz bowl of our home made chili topped with
 shredded cheddar & diced onions. 
 Served with Saltine Crackers.

The 'TRIO’ COMBO                                     $7.59 
  A bowl of our soup of the day, our house
  salad with your choice of dressing, and a
  cold half sandwich on whole wheat bread.

The ’CAESAR TRIO’ COMBO                    $7.99             
  A bowl of our soup of the day, our Caesar
  salad and your choice of a cold half sandwich
  on whole wheat bread.

SOUP & HOT SANDWICH COMBO          $7.99
 Select one of our classic grilled sandwiches
 and pair it up with a bowl of soup.

                   Grilled Cheese ($3.99)
                   Grilled Ham & Cheese ($4.99)
                   Grilled Turkey & Swiss
                   Grilled Beef & Cheddar

SOUP & SALAD                                          $5.99
 A medium bowl of our soup of the day and a
 dinner salad. Your choice of dressing.

CUP OF SOUP OR CHILI                            $2.99


GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH                  $3.99

 Hot and gooey American cheese melted between 
 toast and served with chips! For Kids Only?

KIDS CHICKEN STRIPS                              $4.99
 Two plump & juicy breaded chicken strips served
 on top of a bed of fries. Served with
 honey mustard.

HOT DOG                                                       $4.59
 A plump and juicy “Frank” sliced and charbroiled,
 served on a poppy seed bun.

KIDS MINI CORN DOGS                              $4.59
 A half dozen breaded mini corn dogs served hot
 and crispy w/ french fries. Perfect for the kids!

FISH FILET SANDWICH                               $8.59
 Two breaded white fish filets served with swiss
 cheese, leaf lettuce and tomato on a warm hoagie
 with tartar sauce.

PEPPER ‘JACK’ CHICKEN                          $8.59
 Charbroiled chicken breast with sautéed 
 mushrooms, applewood smoked bacon,
 pepper ‘Jack’ cheese, leaf lettuce and
 sliced tomato on a warm, soft pretzel bun.
 Kettle chips.

PHILLY BEEF & CHEESE                            $8.99
 Black Angus roast beef covered in roasted
 onions & peppers, provolone cheese, romaine
 and tomato piled high on a hoagie.

BBQ BRISKET SANDWICH                         $8.59
 Thinly sliced brisket smothered in BBQ sauce
 served on a warm Kaiser bun with swiss cheese,
 lettuce & tomato .
ROASTED GARLIC FLATBREAD                $8.99
 Black Angus roast beef piled on a roasted garlic
 flatbread. Topped with crispy onion strings,
 mushrooms and horseradish crème sauce.
 Served with Kettle chips.

 Grilled  chicken breast topped with guacamole,
 applewood smoked bacon, and swiss cheese 
 on toasted wheat bread. Kettle chips.

RUEBEN SANDWICH                                   $7.99
 GRILLED TO PERFECTION!  Sliced corned   
 beef with tangy 1000 Island dressing, melted 
 swiss cheese and sauerkraut served on toasted  
 rye bread. Kettle chips.


CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD                        $8.99
 A charbroiled chicken breast with grated
 parmesan cheese, chopped romaine lettuce,
 hardboiled egg, diced tomatos  & croutons
 with Caesar dressing.
            sub Top Sirloin add $2.00
            sub Salmon Filet add $3.00

SOUTHWEST CHICKEN SALAD               $8.99
 A grilled chicken breast with black bean salsa, 
 pico de gallo & shredded cheddar cheese.
 Served in a lettuce filled large jalapeno tortilla
 shell and topped with sour cream.
            sub Top Sirloin add $2.00

CRUNCHY TACO SALAD                           $8.99
 Seasoned ground beef, crunchy Fritos,
 salad mix, shredded cheddar, pico de gallo
 loaded in a large jalapeno tortilla shell.
           sub Top Sirloin add $2.00

CHEF SALAD                                                $8.59
 Crispy salad mix topped with sliced ham,
 smoked turkey, diced tomato, shredded cheddar
 cheese, and a hard boiled egg. Topped with
 tortilla strips.

FRIED CHICKEN  SALAD                            $8.59
 A bed of lettuce topped with diced tomato,
 hardboiled egg, shredded cheddar cheese,
 and crispy fried chicken. Served with a

BUFFALO CHICKEN SALAD                       $8.99
 Our boneless buffalo wings covered in our hot
 wing sauce spread over a bed of salad mix
 topped with tomatos, blue cheese crumbles,
 cheddar cheese and hardboiled egg.
 With a breadstick! 

ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD                            $8.99
Teriyaki glazed chicken on a bed of lettuce, 
 served with Monterey jack cheese, Asian Satay
 dressing, mandarin oranges, and La Choy
 noodles. With a breadstick!

GIANT DINNER SALAD                               $4.99
 Not that Hungry? Consider this! A double dinner
 salad. Shredded Cheddar, cherry tomato and
 croutons. Your choice of salad dressing.


New York Cheese Cake                             $4.99
Delicious slice of cheesecake with Caramel, 
 Chocolate Crushed Oreo, Raspberry Pie,
 Blueberry Pie, or Cherry Pie

Fruit Smoothies                                            $3.99
 Your Choice of Strawberry,  Mochaccino, 
 Raspberry, Wild Berry, Mango, Peach or Chocolate. 
  A 16oz Frozen Treat!

Cookies -n- Cream                                      $3.99
 Creamy vanilla ice cream nestled between two
 home style chocolate chip cookies.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake                $4.99
 Light and moist chocolate cake, topped in mousse,
 Hershey’s and whipped cream.

Soups, Salads, Kids Menus and more are coming soon!







$7.99 Chicken Fried Steaks
$3.00 Bottles, Wells & Calls
$.45 Hot Wings

$3.22 Taco Platters
$2.22 Chips -n- Dip
$5.22 Steak, Shrimp, Pulled Pork &
          Fish Taco Platters
$2 Bottles
$2 Wells
$2 Margaritas
$4 Cuervo Margaritas
$6 Patron & Cabo Wabo Shots

$8.99 8oz Top Sirloins
$9.99 10oz KC Strips
$3.50 Big Beers
$3.00 Bottles
$3.00 Wells

Hi-Energy Drinks Specials
$3.50 Bombs, $5 Drinks
$6.99 Burgers & Wraps
$2.50 Pints, $2.50 House Wines
$1 Off Shot List Shooters

Friday & Saturday
$13.95 16oz KC Strips
$12.95 Steak –n– Shrimp
$3.95 Jack daniels & Tuaca Drinks

$9.99 10oz KC Strips
$3.00 Big Beers & Imports









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